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Why Are Celebrities Prone to Addiction?

A visual representation of a celebrity with drug addiction.

From the outside, celebrity life seems so glamorous. People of celebrity status are always posting pictures of themselves partaking in life’s greatest adventures.

Champagne on a yacht in the middle of the Caribbean, skydiving off of stunning mountain cliffs in Peru, or lounging on the beach around the world looks like a fun time in almost everybody’s book, so when celebrities post selfies in their expensive automobiles or posing half-naked over their balconies in exotic locations, your desire to be just like them rises with a little more passion and intensity.

However, just because it looks great on the outside doesn’t mean that things are all peachy-keen on the inside. In fact, celebrities face more tumultuous lives than others due to the sheer impact of their exposure and status. Celebrities are actually extremely prone to addiction. It goes to show you that money and fame can’t buy you happiness. Let’s discuss why celebrities are prone to addiction:


The lifestyles of the rich and famous are filled with parties, socializing, marketing themselves and what they’re doing, and taking in masses amount of money doing it. It sounds like life, but as much fun as it is, it’s a grind. One reason celebrities are so prone to addiction is due to this lifestyle. There is a party practically every night and the accessibility to substances is easy.

No matter the vice, the rich and famous can get a dab, a hit, a puff, or a snort of it, easy. It’s part of the good time and easy living atmosphere. Certain people might say no time after time, but when you’re offered something so often, the temptation to take a bite becomes less easy to resist.

Hectic Schedules

You hear a traumatic story after a traumatic story about celebs who have gone off the deep end. The fault doesn’t always rest entirely on them. Judy Garland was force-fed drugs to help her stay awake on the set and throughout the hectic schedule that her producers and managers put her through.

This caused her to become an addict and she eventually died because of that. Thankfully since celebrities have the ability to get drugs in the first place, they can afford treatment, but that doesn’t mean the path to recovery is easy. Sober living after treatment is obtainable, but too many people don’t make it that far, unfortunately.

Personality Types

If you think about it, celebrities often fit a certain personality type. Celebrities are often the most gifted and charismatic of society. Gifted people who aim to please themselves and others are more likely to like the feeling of being high or drunk. They have addictive personalities by themselves and you add in the pressures of life otherwise, and it’s a recipe for disaster.