why i became a health nut in early sobriety

Why I Became a Health Nut In Early Sobriety?

I became obsessed with health and diet for 2 years.  I became vegan.  I’m not saying being vegan is bad; what I’m saying is the obsession simply wasn’t good for me.

I read dozens, perhaps hundreds of books on health.  It became debilitating.  So many diet theories promoted, I wasn’t sure I could eat anything without being dead in a week.

As an “all or nothing” type person, especially when drinking and in early sobriety, I figured if I’m not going to drink, I might as well become super healthy.  What I did was replace alcohol with an obsession for perfect health.

I’m not saying that pursuing health is a bad thing.  I’m health-minded now and enjoy working out and eating well.  However, the big and all-important distinction is health is not all-consuming in my life.  I used to believe that pursuing health at all costs was the purpose of my life (yes, not a very healthy way to live ironically).  Now it’s merely a way to enjoy life.  I wanted to control health, yet now I realize I can’t control it 100%.  After all, I still get sick and no matter how healthy of a lifestyle I maintain.

I know I’m not the only recovering alcoholic who became infatuated with health.  I’ve heard many people in meetings talk about various new health regimens.  I can tell they become obsessed.

For me, and I suspect it’s the case with other recovering alcoholics, I replaced my obsession with alcohol with getting healthy – diet, exercise, body image, holistic health, etc.

Anyway, I’ve moved beyond my health-craze and maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle that does not consume me.


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