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Worried About Your Health? Get Your Medical Questions Answered by a Person with a Masters in Health Communication

I’ve sat in enough AA meetings to know that many people who quit drinking have health concerns.  After all, heavy drinking takes a toll on the human body.  Moreover, usually heavy drinkers don’t eat very well, don’t work out and basically live fairly unhealthy lives (I’m generalizing here, but it’s more often the case than not).

As far as I’m concerned, asking AA group members medical questions is not the right approach.  The best thing to do is visit a doctor.  In fact, if you’ve just quit drinking, it’s a really good idea to get a physical.  Any sound-thinking AA member will suggest this instead of give layman’s responses to a medical question.  Of course if you have a medical doctor in your group who is kind enough to answer questions, that’s a different story altogether.

What if you want medical questions answered accompanied with research … something your doctor is not willing to provide?

woman with questionsDoctors are treatment providers.  They diagnose and treat (or prescribe treatment).  They are not in the business of providing information.  They certainly are not going to provide you a report giving you answers to your medical and health questions.  It would be nice, and they might if you paid them a hefty sum of money, but it’s not their core service.

Fortunately, there are medical and health professionals who will take the time to research and provide you a report on any medical questions you have.

Yes, you can do the usual Google searches and end up on websites like WebMD and read stock answers, but you won’t get researched answers to your specific questions on these types of websites.  Instead, if you want to ask a medical question and get a researched response, you can do so for a few dollars by hiring the service of a health/medical expert who offers medical help online.  Yes, they exist and they do a booming business.

Where can you get personalized and researched medical information?

One person you can turn to is Tasha (a.k.a. coach360) on the incredibly popular service-provider website Fiverr.  She offers medical research services for five dollars.   When you go to Fiverr, search “coach360″ and you’ll find her medical research services.  Basically she offers a service titled “I will research your medical question for $5″.  No it’s not a free service, but you can’t beat $5.

All you do is order her service, submit your medical question and Tasha will respond via written report within 4 days.

For example, you could ask her if she’d research questions such as:

  • Does antabuse work to help me stop drinking?
  • What are good prescription and non-prescription medicine options to help with anxiety/depression?
  • Does rehab work? What is the success rate?

Who is Tasha, a.k.a. coach360?

Tasha has a Masters degree in Health Communication.  No, she isn’t a medical doctor, but she does have an advanced degree in health which qualifies her to do research … which is exactly what you want when you want questions answered.

More to the point, she has access to health and medical journals and knows how and where to research online to obtain authoritative and factual information that get your medical questions answered.

Disclaimer:  Using an online medical research service should not take the place of a medical doctor.  If you have a medical concern, please consult your physician.  The above mentioned service is if you would like detailed information about a medical or health matter provided to you in an easy-to-read format … the type of information doctors won’t provide from a typical consultation.


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