Zen Sobriety is a State of Being

Easier said than done.

The what you do is much less important than whether you love what you do.

Sure, life is filled with obligations and duties we’re not crazy about.  But, getting to Zen Sobriety is having something of many things that give you passion.  And it doesn’t have to be altruistic.

Many people believe in order to be happy and serene and to live a good life, one must strive to help others.  Sure, helping others is great.  But, it’s not a prerequisite for happiness.  Do something you love.  You can be selfish in this regard.  When you do what you love doing, then you’ll contribute.  Being a happier person is a huge contribution and should not be under-valued.

You don’t have to go build houses in the 3rd world.  You don’t have to devote every spare moment helping other alcoholics or addicts.  You can do what you want to do.  Embrace your passions.

When you do what it is you like doing daily or weekly, you’ll magically fall into a zen sobriety state of being just like you fall asleep – effortlessly.

Don’t over-analyze this stuff.  I did for years and spun my wheels.  Do what you like.

If you’re new to sobriety and you can’t help but think “but I love drinking,” ask yourself “do you really love drinking?”  You wouldn’t be reading a sobriety-focused blog if you did.  A big part of you hates drinking.  You might like the distraction, but you don’t love drinking if you’re alcoholic.

Seriously ponder what it is you like.  Eating copious amounts of junk food isn’t what you really like.  Again, it’s a distraction.

Watching 10 hours of TV per day isn’t what you really like doing.  It’s a distraction.

Sure, some junk food and some TV is great.  Dedicating your life to it is not the answer.  They’re distractions.

Note to the newly sober person:  sometimes you get by with non-drinking distractions such as junk food and TV.  Go for it if that’s how you can stay sober for now.  In time you’ll naturally veer away if you really want zen sobriety.

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